Koops Rental Agency Specialized in rentals

Koops Rental Agency - specialized in rentals

We are a leading real estate agency specialized in letting rental properties in the region Haarlem, Amsterdam, Amstelveen and Leiden. We let over 1000 rental properties a year. For a landlord, we take care of the entire mediation process. Get experienced with our letting services!

  • Personal
  • Market knowledge
  • All services one company
  • Reliable
  • Large international network

What landlords say about Koops Rental Agency

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  • I am very pleased with Koops Makelaardij Leiden. Excellent, friendly and professional helped and guided during the rental process.
    Jane Blackshaw
  • The employees of Koops Makelaardij quickly found a new tenant for our apartment in Amsterdam. They have a large network. The coordination of the new rental went very smoothly and minor issues were quickly resolved with excellent communication.
    Jeroen Snel
  • Communication is very good, professional approach and friendly staff. Renting out my home is really completely managed..
    Nico Smid
  • Koops Makelaardij Leiden is a very professional organization with an eye for the customer. Friendly, helpful and thorough, without fuss. Recommended.
    Thomas Winkel
  • A very pleasant broker to work with! I had experience with other rental agents but was not satisfied with their service. Now I am very satisfied, good (expat) tenants and pleasant communication. Thanks Koops!
  • My house was rented out through Koops last year. Within a short time they found a suitable tenant for the house. Management is excellent, clear communication about current affairs and clear insight into financial matters.
    Katinka Jansen
  • Helped by Edwin and colleagues. All super friendly and professional. Fast service, agreements are kept and happy with the smooth communication. Recommended!
    Danielle Mahazri, Amsterdam
  • Most contact with Koops Rental Agency Amsterdam, super friendly, motivated and service oriented!
    Marja Arendsen
  • Koops Makelaardij was hired by the landlord as the agent of my new rented apartment . Service was great. Thomas was so responsive and made everything clear and smooth. Thomas provided a hassle free service. Highly recommended!!! I would like to thank and wish good luck to Thomas and the team!!!
    Mahesh Chinthaka
  • Very pleasant broker and well guided during the rental of my house. Found a good tenant within 10 days.
    Rogier Westhuis, Haarlem
  • Very professional rental agent. Good contact and always quick response. Excellent service and happy to think along about how a home can be offered optimally to be rented out as quickly as possible. I have spoken to many similar parties and Koops rises with head and shoulders above the rest, highly recommended!
    Leo vd S
  • It was a pleasure to work with them, a real support during the whole process. Both Landlords and tenants are in good hands with this agency.
    Marc Behetre
  • Nice company to do business with. I let an apartment through them to my complete satisfaction: they respond quickly, communicate clearly, screen the tenants well: just the way you want it!
    Wouter Spit
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