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Sell ​​your home professionally

  • Non binding introduction
    Consultation and introduction with one of our sales employees. This employee will guide you through the entire sales process.
  • House presentation
    The property is offered for sale with a professional presentation. In addition to our own website, the property can be found on websites such as Funda and Pararius.
  • The right sales strategy
    With a clear and correct sales strategy, we put your home on the market in the right way. Everything in consultation with you as a client!
  • Agreement with the buyer
    There is agreement with a (potential buyer). Agreements are recorded at the notary, after which the deed of sale is signed!
  • The sale of your home
    We go for the highest possible result! When we have found a buyer, we take care of the administrative process.
  • Key transfer
    A nice moment! After the house has been passed at the notary, we hand over the keys to the new owner.

Your sales specialist

Active since 2008
Koops Housing Agency was established in 2008 as a letting agent and professional property manager. Not without success because with four brokerage offices, approximately 1.000 free sector houses are rented out annually.

Each office has its own sales agents
In addition to our letting activities, we soon expanded our services to include a sales department. With our various activities, we have built up a good reputation among sellers, fellow estate agents, investors and investors alike.

When it comes to housing, we are a reliable partner for many large international companies. Every year, we make hundreds of expats happy with a new home for sale or rent. Many former expat tenants later present themselves as buyers, in which we are one step ahead of other estate agents.

We know the region
But there is more, our estate agents know the region. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are well known in the cities of Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Haarlem and Leiden. In our familiar surroundings and at attractive rates, we are happy to discuss the sales process with you.

How customers rate us

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  • I am very pleased with Koops Makelaardij Leiden. Excellent, friendly and professional helped and guided during the rental process.
    Jane Blackshaw
  • Most contact with Koops Rental Agency Amsterdam, super friendly, motivated and service oriented!
    Marja Arendsen
  • Helped by Edwin and colleagues. All super friendly and professional. Fast service, agreements are kept and happy with the smooth communication. Recommended!
    Danielle Mahazri, Amsterdam
  • Nice company to do business with. I let an apartment through them to my complete satisfaction: they respond quickly, communicate clearly, screen the tenants well: just the way you want it!
    Wouter Spit
  • It was a pleasure to work with them, a real support during the whole process. Both Landlords and tenants are in good hands with this agency.
    Marc Behetre
  • As always, very satisfied with Koops again! Amber (and Sander) respond quickly to email, call nicely to give updates, are thoughtful and incredibly flexible. The ad on the website looked great, with nice photos taken by Koops.
  • Communication is very good, professional approach and friendly staff. Renting out my home is really completely managed..
    Nico Smid
  • Very pleasant broker and well guided during the rental of my house. Found a good tenant within 10 days.
    Rogier Westhuis, Haarlem
  • I have 3 years of experience with all their departments (lettings, sales, property management) in different cases. In short excellent service, knowledge of the market, good advice in renting, managing, selling, solving problems etc.
    Jason Leossis
  • Friendly, committed and professional. Was able to rent to extremely nice expats within a few days as a result.
    Ludwig Beneke
  • Very professional rental agent. Good contact and always quick response. Excellent service and happy to think along about how a home can be offered optimally to be rented out as quickly as possible. I have spoken to many similar parties and Koops rises with head and shoulders above the rest, highly recommended!
    Leo vd S
  • Finally found a broker who thinks with landlords and even organizes information evenings. Also, the newsletters are very informative! Chapeau!
    Roel Zaadnoordijk
  • The employees of Koops Makelaardij quickly found a new tenant for our apartment in Amsterdam. They have a large network. The coordination of the new rental went very smoothly and minor issues were quickly resolved with excellent communication.
    Jeroen Snel
  • Through Koops in a few hours rented my apartment to an expat. They live up to their promise of being the expat broker of Amsterdam and surrounding areas. Friendly people in the office, but also professional and everything is thought of. Glad I outsourced the renting of my apartment to Koops. My contact at Koops was Yannick: really a topper.
    Eelco W
  • Koops Makelaardij was hired by the landlord as the agent of my new rented apartment . Service was great. Thomas was so responsive and made everything clear and smooth. Thomas provided a hassle free service. Highly recommended!!! I would like to thank and wish good luck to Thomas and the team!!!
    Mahesh Chinthaka
  • My house was rented out through Koops last year. Within a short time they found a suitable tenant for the house. Management is excellent, clear communication about current affairs and clear insight into financial matters.
    Katinka Jansen
  • 5 stars for René van der Gulik: very professional and also very involved and service-oriented in selling the house.
    Rik Wintermans
  • A very pleasant broker to work with! I had experience with other rental agents but was not satisfied with their service. Now I am very satisfied, good (expat) tenants and pleasant communication. Thanks Koops!
  • Koops Makelaardij Leiden is a very professional organization with an eye for the customer. Friendly, helpful and thorough, without fuss. Recommended.
    Thomas Winkel
  • I had a great experience with this rental company! Very professional and friendly team. Very satisfied with their services. Highly recommended!
    Wendy Chan
  • We can only say that Koops Makelaardij did a great job with the rental and sale of our property. Maarten, our sales agent did a perfect job in every way.
    Peter Pollé
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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I choose the best broker?
    The sale of a home is an important and exciting moment, you don't sell a home every day. It is therefore important to choose a broker you trust. Our advice is to invite several brokers so that you, as a seller, can compare certain things. When choosing a sales broker, the knowledge of the sales market, knowledge of the neighborhood, appearance of the broker and office, reviews from other customers (reviews google), the sales strategy and the amount of the commission are point to think about.
  • What do brokerage fees consist of?
    The costs for a real estate agent, also known as broker, consist of various components. The main parts are; presentation costs and preparing the house for sale, advertising costs, the preliminary work such as determining a sales strategy, preparing and holding viewings, conducting negotiations, completing the sales process. Part of the fee is also a performance-related fee, which is difficult to express in an amount.
  • When is the best time to sell my house?
    This different per situation. Spring and summer are good times to offer a home for sale. This certainly applies to homes with an outdoor space. A house then sells better than when there is snow and the days are shorter and dark. A good time also depends on the market. When is there a lot of demand and when are there no equivalent properties for sale. If there are already 2 or 3 homes for sale in the same street, it may be worthwhile to wait until these homes have been sold. Finally, more buyers enter the market when interest rates are low. With low mortgage rates, potential buyers generally have more options to buy a home, there is more room in the budget.
  • As a seller, am I present during viewings?
    That is not necessary. Most sellers do not want to be present during viewings. During the first meetings, one of our brokers gets to know the property so that most questions can be answered during the viewing. It is important to tell a lot about the house, but also about the neighborhood. With 15 years of experience, we can say that we can share enough information about every neighborhood. If there are matters that you, as a seller, find important to share, this can be discussed with our sales staff during the first consultations.
  • What is my home worth?
    That is one of the first questions we get asked and we understand that very well. When we come by for an introduction. We do not immediately answer this question because we do not want to create false expectations and because we would like to establish a well-founded sales price. Using the land registry (kadaster) and looking at the (recent) sales transactions that have taken place in the area, we can already come to an reasonably sales value. We also consider market developments, the state of maintenance of the building and the target group that is eligible for the home.
  • When I am negotiating?
    When an offer is made, a seller is free to respond to it. As a seller, you can decide for yourself whether to accept an offer or not. When a buyer and seller respond to each other's bids, there is a negotiation. This is possible when a seller makes a counteroffer. There is no negotiation if the seller does not respond to a buyer's offer.
  • When there is an option on a home?
    When a house is under option, the house is reserved for a potential buyer for a certain period of time. It is then customary that the property is not offered to other potential buyers. The house may not be sold to another party during that period. If a house is under offer, the seller is negotiating with a potential buyer.