Rights and duties of tenants

As an occupant of rented housing, you enjoy certain rights, but also bear responsibilities arising from the lease. The main rights and obligations are set out in the tenancy agreement and its general terms and conditions. For further information, please visit the following links/authorities.

1Frequent questions

On our frequently asked questions page, tenants can find answers to most questions. If you have a question we do not cover on the website, please contact one of our offices. Look here for more information

2Rights and duties

The central government's website clearly spells out what rights and obligations a tenant has. You can find more information here.

3Hotline by municipality

From 2024, every municipality will have a hotline on standby for undesirable rental behaviour. Tenants and house seekers can discreetly put their questions or complaints about their landlord's actions here. The location of each hotline per municipality can be found on the VNG website.

4Housing allocation

This protocol, developed in line with the Good Landlord Act, aims to provide transparency in the allocation of rental properties to prospective tenants. Its main aim is to prevent discrimination. More information can be found on this page.

5The Rent Commission

The Rent Commission offers help to tenants and landlords if they disagree on issues such as rent, maintenance or service costs. The Rent Commission assesses the dispute on the basis of laws and regulations. For more information, please refer to the website of The Rent Commission.

6Privacy statement

You are dealing with real estate agency and property management company Koops Makelaardij c.q. Koops Vastgoedbeheer. Koops is a member of the VBO trade association. This privacy statement explains how your details are handled. This statement also explains which data is provided to external parties such as VBO and Pararius and any subsidiaries. Read our privacy statement here.