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  • Non binding introduction
    Consultation and introduction with one of our employees.
  • House presentation
    The house is offered for rent with a professional presentation on our website, Funda and Pararius.
  • The right tenant
    We search for the right tenant. We ensure the right match through viewings, an introduction and a good screening of the potential tenant!
  • The rental agreement
    The rental agreement is drawn up by one of our employees. If necessary, we will make an English translation. The Dutch rental agreement is legally valid and will be signed by the tenant and landlord.
  • Key transfer
    A nice moment! When the rent and deposit have been transferred, the tenant receives the keys. Together with the tenant (and possibly landlord) we walk through the house and draw up an inspection report. Possible defects are noted by us in an inspection report. We will take photo's as well.
  • Aftercare
    During the rental period we are available for questions and advice for both the landlord and tenant. When the tenant leaves the property, one of our employees will carry out the final inspection.

Your rental specialist

As a real estate agency that sells properties, we are specialized in renting out properties to expats in the Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Haarlem and Leiden region. We let from apartments to villas. Every year we rent out approximately 1000 rental properties to mainly expats.

Due to the daily contact with many companies (expats looking for a rental property) from the region, we are able to rent out your property quickly. Our relations who are looking for rental properties are kept informed by us on a daily basis with our varying rental offer. In short, if you want to rent out your home, you have come to the right place.

How customers rate us

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  • Very pleasant broker and well guided during the rental of my house. Found a good tenant within 10 days.
    Rogier Westhuis, Haarlem
  • Nice company to do business with. I let an apartment through them to my complete satisfaction: they respond quickly, communicate clearly, screen the tenants well: just the way you want it!
    Wouter Spit
  • Most contact with Koops Rental Agency Amsterdam, super friendly, motivated and service oriented!
    Marja Arendsen
  • Through Koops in a few hours rented my apartment to an expat. They live up to their promise of being the expat broker of Amsterdam and surrounding areas. Friendly people in the office, but also professional and everything is thought of. Glad I outsourced the renting of my apartment to Koops. My contact at Koops was Yannick: really a topper.
    Eelco W
  • As always, very satisfied with Koops again! Amber (and Sander) respond quickly to email, call nicely to give updates, are thoughtful and incredibly flexible. The ad on the website looked great, with nice photos taken by Koops.
  • Helped by Edwin and colleagues. All super friendly and professional. Fast service, agreements are kept and happy with the smooth communication. Recommended!
    Danielle Mahazri, Amsterdam
  • Koops Makelaardij Leiden is a very professional organization with an eye for the customer. Friendly, helpful and thorough, without fuss. Recommended.
    Thomas Winkel
  • The employees of Koops Makelaardij quickly found a new tenant for our apartment in Amsterdam. They have a large network. The coordination of the new rental went very smoothly and minor issues were quickly resolved with excellent communication.
    Jeroen Snel
  • Communication is very good, professional approach and friendly staff. Renting out my home is really completely managed..
    Nico Smid
  • I have 3 years of experience with all their departments (lettings, sales, property management) in different cases. In short excellent service, knowledge of the market, good advice in renting, managing, selling, solving problems etc.
    Jason Leossis
  • My house was rented out through Koops last year. Within a short time they found a suitable tenant for the house. Management is excellent, clear communication about current affairs and clear insight into financial matters.
    Katinka Jansen
  • A very pleasant broker to work with! I had experience with other rental agents but was not satisfied with their service. Now I am very satisfied, good (expat) tenants and pleasant communication. Thanks Koops!
  • Friendly, committed and professional. Was able to rent to extremely nice expats within a few days as a result.
    Ludwig Beneke
  • Very professional rental agent. Good contact and always quick response. Excellent service and happy to think along about how a home can be offered optimally to be rented out as quickly as possible. I have spoken to many similar parties and Koops rises with head and shoulders above the rest, highly recommended!
    Leo vd S
  • I am very pleased with Koops Makelaardij Leiden. Excellent, friendly and professional helped and guided during the rental process.
    Jane Blackshaw
  • We can only say that Koops Makelaardij did a great job with the rental and sale of our property. Maarten, our sales agent did a perfect job in every way.
    Peter Pollé
  • 5 stars for René van der Gulik: very professional and also very involved and service-oriented in selling the house.
    Rik Wintermans
  • Finally found a broker who thinks with landlords and even organizes information evenings. Also, the newsletters are very informative! Chapeau!
    Roel Zaadnoordijk
  • It was a pleasure to work with them, a real support during the whole process. Both Landlords and tenants are in good hands with this agency.
    Marc Behetre
  • Koops Makelaardij was hired by the landlord as the agent of my new rented apartment . Service was great. Thomas was so responsive and made everything clear and smooth. Thomas provided a hassle free service. Highly recommended!!! I would like to thank and wish good luck to Thomas and the team!!!
    Mahesh Chinthaka
  • I had a great experience with this rental company! Very professional and friendly team. Very satisfied with their services. Highly recommended!
    Wendy Chan
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Frequently asked questions

  • Is it possible to let my house?

    Wanneer u eigenaar bent van de woning en in de koopakte staat niets vermeld over het verhuren van uw woning dan bent u in de mogelijkheid om uw woning te verhuren. Veelal staat er in een koopakte dat verhuur alleen is toegestaan wanneer de hypotheekverstrekker daarvan op de hoogte is. Indien dit het geval is raden wij u aan om contact op te nemen met ons kantoor, wij zien in één oogopslag wat de evt. restricties zijn. Wanneer er geen hypotheek rust op de woning dan is verhuur van de woning mogelijk. Indien het gaat om een appartement in een appartementencomplex dan dient de Vereniging van Eigenaren (VVE) ook geïnformeerd te worden over de verhuur van de woning. Meestal staat dit in de statuten en in het huishoudelijk reglement.

  • What do I have to arrange if I would like to let my house?
    It is wise to look carefully in the purchase contract to see if there are any restrictions. If rental seems possible, it is good to have the rent tested by a rental agent. It is important for a landlord to know what the intended rental income will be. Determine in advance how you will deliver the house, fully furnished or unfurnished. Furnished rental attracts a different target group than when the house is delivered empty. It is also important to determine in advance how long the house will be available and which lease agreement will be applied. In addition, the house must be well maintained so that there are little or no maintenance issues during the rental period. Also think about the property management of your home, you can find more information about this at
  • Can I rent out my home for a temporary period?
    Yes! For several years now it has been possible to draw up a rental agreement for a definite period, the end date is then clear. This can be a period of a few months up to a maximum of 24 months. A timely notification (3-6 months before the expiry of the lease) to the tenant stating that the rental period is terminated is sufficient to get the property back without a tenant. It is not possible to extend a temporary rental contract with another temporary agreement. If the tenant stays in the house after the first term, the temporary nature of the agreement will lapse, and the agreement will continue for an indefinite period (permanent contract).
  • Is it better to rent out to a specific type of tenant?
    Our employees do not distinguish between tenants, but if an owner has a specific wish to rent out to an expat, we will comply with this. The demand for rental housing from expats is very high. Expats are usually looking for furnished rental properties located near public transport. Our experience is that an expat lives in the house for an average of 3 years.
  • Is my home classified as a private sector house?
    That depends on several components; the size of the house, what kind of energy label does the house have, in which region is the house located, is it a monument, these are all components that determine whether the house is classified as a private sector house. This topic has been subject to change in recent years. It is wise to have your home tested by one of our employees.
  • Can I sublet?
    If you do not own the property, it is important to ask the owner or landlord whether temporary letting to third parties is allowed. An owner must give written permission for this. Subletting is often allowed when it concerns a temporary period. Also, in the case of subletting, record the agreements in a rental agreement
  • Do I need a permit to let my property?
    If you rent out a house to a maximum of 2 (adult) people, you do not need a permit from the municipality. If you want to rent out the house to more than 2 (adult) people, you must apply for a permit from the municipality. In that case, we speak of room-based rental. When you have obtained a permit, every resident can register with the municipality. In Amsterdam we speak of a conversion permit, it is important that you take in to account the policy of the municipality. We do not recommend renting to more than 2 people without a permit!